Things to know before hiring a Web Designer

The initial cost of a website in Durham Region might be high to begin with but done properly will save you money, make you money and educate your users to a point where you can deliver your pitch whatever it may be.

Yes, hiring a Web Designer can be tedious

Your neighbour or the kid next door are just not going to cut it, you need to hire an educated, experienced designer who is going to ask you all the right questions and know what to do with the answers.

Although it seems like just about anyone with a computer these days are either a web programmer, web designer or a developer and there are so many  “build your own website” applications out there, so where do you start?

First of all a website is so much more than a web page that just sits somewhere on the internet, it is a multipurpose tool used as a two way communication vehicle for you to:

  1. Easily publish content to the masses
  2. Receive feedback and open the doors to exchange information

As well as a communication vehicle, your website is probably the first thing that people are going to see from you so it is important that it looks good, works properly and it should also be the marketing hub for all of your online and printed advertising campaigns.

The smart advertiser doesn’t measure success and failure by sales alone, not everyone sells online and knowing the amount of people coming to your website, how they got there and how long they stayed is valuable information that will maximize your advertising budget.

By using the statistical information collected from your website you can either make adjustments to a campaign or kill it completely, using this simple technique the smart advertiser will always win over time.

Everyone spends money on some form of advertising, how are you measuring your advertising and marketing campaigns?

Web accessibility

Another thing that is seldom mentioned by web design companies and designers that is very important is Web accessibility.

Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web but If you think because your target user is 18 to 25 and athletic that you don’t need your web presence to be accessible to people with disabilities you are very wrong and small minded.

Just like we have building and electrical standards there are also web standards, and it is these regulations that are built into the software that are in all of our mobile phones and web enabled devices.

It is expected that four billion people will have joined the global mobile conversation by the end of 2010 and that is just mobile phones alone, the days of the majority of web surfers sitting down in front of a desktop are gone and the amount of devices that access the internet will only increase. Does your website work on mobile devices?

So you see a website has many different working pieces and is quite complex. Even with nearly 10 years of professional web design experience and an efficient project management process it still takes a minimum of 40 hours of work to complete a Digital Deceptions website.

If not done properly your website will get lost in the crowd and overtime as web browsers update their software your site will break apart, we’ve all seen this happen before. Why not get a website built that you’re going to use? Something that can stand the test of time and work for you instead of you having to work for it.

Things to know before hiring a Web Designer

Your website should save you money, make you money and educate your users to a point where you can deliver your pitch whatever it may be.

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