The Big Catch Fish ‘n Chips Menu Flyer

November 30, 2008 by  

As I was completing the Big Catch’s ten posters last week the client was finalizing the last details of their menu items so I could begin the design process right away, and just like my old buddy Hannibal from the A-Team “I love it when a plan comes together”.

The menu concept was a breeze as I had already established the look and feel with the poster treatments and designed them knowing I was going to reuse some of their elements in the menu flyer, this a classic design technique when you are creating a brand or identity package for a client.

With a little planning it is often far more cost effective to design multiple projects in a sequence as appose to constantly doing one offs. A little marketing goes a long way allowing you to adapt your advertising when needed instead of panicking and reacting to the current economic situation or a slow quarter and rushing your campaign.

Because of all the research and detail that went into the posters there were many options and avenues that we could have went down and in the end what we came up with is quite unique, interesting and is almost certainly going to grab people’s attention and get them talking.

It is a simple 8.5” x 11” folded (book style) menu flyer for inside the shop as well for mailing campaigns. I am constantly hording and dissecting every ad that comes my way and most food and restaurant establishments ads are either very plain or very loud with outrageous colours looking like they are selling there wares at crazy rock bottom prices and everything must go.

I guess there’s a time and a place for this type of marketing (or not? I smell a future blog post here) but these days the average person is blinded (figuratively…lol ) by these visual guerrilla tactics that may have worked at onetime but your average consumer is so much smarter than that now and still many products and services are being sold in this manner.

Everywhere you go in North America you can find Fish and Chip shops, although they may all taste different they all seem to create the same atmosphere when you visit, they virtually do zero advertising and when they do it is very poorly done.

So after taking all that into account I decided that I was going to go back to the basics with the Big Catch menu and show the world how a real menu is supposed to be done. The chosen colours are eloquent, the imagery is well placed, and there are a couple of puns and quirky graphics.

The food items, pricing and contact information are clear and easily identifiable and you can also find the History of Fish and Chips on the back cover with portraits of the main players that were involved. It is engaging and entertaining for people of all ages, well thought out and guaranteed to get a second and third look.

I’ve got one more menu to do, the main wall menu which will be complete by the end of the week and then it is on to the website for the grand opening, I’m looking forward to having a deep fried Mars bar with ice cream.


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