• Algonquin Property Services

    Algonquin Property Services Inc looks after all of your property’s needs with quality service crews that are professional, well trained, uniformed and trustworthy. Their website is Flash and XML based so the image galleries are easily updated. Each page has an animated transition and the 3D logo has an into and outro animation when touched which was created using Aftereffects.  

  • Quality Plus Entertainment

    Quality Plus is a full service music and entertainment company that offers a wide range of exhilarating solutions that are individually personalized to meet the needs of their clients. The website is Flash and XML based allowing for easy updates to a news scroller and image gallery. A fully functional MP3 player was also programmed and skinned with the finest detail in Photoshop. Visit their website  

  • Canmax Inc

    Canmax is a marketing company who has been in business since 1975, they have teamed up with Saeco International who is the world’s leading manufacturer of coffee and espresso equipment and have developed customized business startup programs in the specialty coffee industry for new entrepreneurs. Their website is Flash based and some highlights are the transforming horizontal background and the 

  • Innovative Fire Inc

    Innovative Fire Inc is a fire and life safety consulting firm providing a wide range of fire protection consulting services. Digital Deceptions was commissioned to provide them with an online presence that was to be clean, modern and having the ability to upload their own news updates. The website was constructed with HTML and CSS with elements of Flash and XML, a special feature to watch out for 

  • Meadowvale web work

    This is some of the cutting edge web work I did from way back in early mid 2001 for a band called Meadowvale, well it was cutting edge back then…lol This project was my first real world experience and it was a massive undertaking for a noob because they needed everything from a logo to a website and everything in between and on top of all that it was to be done low budget because rock bands 

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