• WordCamp Toronto 2009 is Over

    Well WordCamp Toronto is all done for another year. I had an absolute blast learning lots of new things, will probably take a few days for it all to sink in. On Saturday I did a presentation on how Digital Deceptions transitioned from a Flash based website to a WordPress Content Management System and all the benefits and doors it has opened for me over the last year. You can find my slides here. And 

  • I'm Speaking At WordCamp Toronto 2009

    Well it is official, on Saturday, May 9 at 10:45AM I will be speaking at WordCamp Toronto 2009. This is the second time Toronto is hosting the event and I have to admit that I missed the first one last year because I only started really using WordPress late last spring. At the moment I am a little concerned about speaking in front of such a large audience but it is still a couple of months away so 

  • Getting Caught in the Web of Technologies

    Well the redesigned site has been up for a week now and I have been looking through and comparing the old site statistics and have been pretty impressed with the amount of unique visitors and the length of time they have been staying on the Free Lance site. The last five Digital Deceptions sites have either been full Flash sites or hybrids (using both Flash and HTML) which as with most technologies 

  • Offsite Backups on the Cheap

    You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that you could backup most of your documents and even most of your graphics offsite for free would you? Before I tell you how let me explain to you why it is very important to have offsite backups. We all know it is important to make backups for obvious reasons and that is great if you do but what if your house or office was broken into and all your 

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