• Choosing Your Technology Wisely

    As a graphic and web designer I am constantly on the lookout for new technologies, upgrading my skills, testing new software and dabbling in different programming languages to see what can fit into my arsenal. By keeping on top of technology and in the know allows me to evaluate and improve my efficiency as a designer by adding what I find to be a benefit through my review and analysis. Two main factors 

  • Analytics, Keywords, Social Media and the Power of the Blog

    Website analytics or statistics are basically just a bunch of numbers and information. By studying the analytics and making changes and tweaks you can fine tune your web projects to meet your goals. Over the past few months I have been heavily experimenting with this information on my website and it has amazed me just how much power you truly have about the people visiting your site. So Our Story Begins A 

  • Freelance Marketing Strategies during Economic Downturns

    These are tough times and no matter where you live or what your occupation is you will most likely find yourself at some time or another in an economic downturn. As a freelancer your livelihood can be severely affected by businesses decreasing their advertising and marketing budgets to reduce their operational expenses balancing out their bottom-line. Tightening the purse strings is the classic stance 

Things to know before hiring a Web Designer

Your website should save you money, make you money and educate your users to a point where you can deliver your pitch whatever it may be.

Integrate Social Media into your Lifestyle

Why follow traditional routes to grow your business, the world has changed and so has the behavior of the consumer.

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