• Exact Welding and Fabrication Logo

    The Exact Welding and fabrication project is a full branding and identity package which includes a logo, business cards, pamphlet and a kick ass website by yours truly. I really wanted to showcase the project as a whole but at the moment I have so many projects on the go in various stages of completion I got desperate and just had to show a little bit of the work I have been doing of late. The logo 

  • The Big Catch Fish ‘n Chips Logo

    The food industry has been kind to me lately and even though eateries have been closing down or selling due to the economic situation, from where I’m standing it hasn’t really stopped people from buy these restaurants and setting up shop. I guess no matter what industry you are in everybody has to eat. Being an Irishmen I have literally been raised eating fish suppers so when I was commissioned 

  • Coffee Blend Logo

    I can’t really take the full credit for the Coffee Blend logo because the client had the idea and I just kind of sketched it out, cleaned it up and vectorized it. After researching other coffee brands and logos we noticed that they were all so similar so we agreed to stay away from that type of style but in our research we just happen to see a cigar label and we instantly knew which new direction 

  • Lower Back Tatti Logo

    This logo was tough because I didn’t want it to come off either cheesy or cliché but lets face it the best idea anyone can relate to with a name like LBT is a tattoo on the top of some girls ass. Well I went for the tribal look for obvious reasons (damn I am cliché) and if you really look at the graphic you can see two swans with cobra heads facing each other making the shape of a heart.  

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