• Choosing Your Technology Wisely

    As a graphic and web designer I am constantly on the lookout for new technologies, upgrading my skills, testing new software and dabbling in different programming languages to see what can fit into my arsenal. By keeping on top of technology and in the know allows me to evaluate and improve my efficiency as a designer by adding what I find to be a benefit through my review and analysis. Two main factors 

  • Website 101 – Why You Need a Web Site

    Why does your company need a website? We could quote statistics that show the Internet has become the main method people use to find information on products, services and companies they do business with. The truth of the matter is that without a web site potential clients question your professionalism, commitment to customer service, and long-term stability of your company. The Internet is the Search 

  • Freelance Marketing Strategies during Economic Downturns

    These are tough times and no matter where you live or what your occupation is you will most likely find yourself at some time or another in an economic downturn. As a freelancer your livelihood can be severely affected by businesses decreasing their advertising and marketing budgets to reduce their operational expenses balancing out their bottom-line. Tightening the purse strings is the classic stance 

  • Public Relations and Moral Lessons for Designers

    In my last post “Graphics and Web Design in Durham Region” I mentioned some of the moral issues faced by freelance designers and I have also touched on a few of our obligations in “What a Client Wants vs. What a Client Needs”. It is ethical practices like these that will dictate the longevity of your freelance career, by having principals alone (either right or wrong) creates a structured consistency 

  • Graphics and Web Design in Durham Region

    Well let me digress for a minute as I have to admit that this topic has been eating away at me for quite a few years now and I finally have to say something about it. As we all know most websites we surf worldwide, corporate and local are usually riddled with complications and issues which affect you, the end user. These problems range in size from minor to major and the usual suspects are web standards 

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