• CERC Website Design

    CERC is an acronym for the Canadian Educational Resources Council. They are the voice of Canada‚Äôs learning resources industry and represent the major Canadian educational publishers. Their current member firms produce most of the student learning resources currently used in Canadian schools and although they produce learning resources in a variety of media formats they were concerned that the association 

  • Graphics and Web Design in Durham Region

    Well let me digress for a minute as I have to admit that this topic has been eating away at me for quite a few years now and I finally have to say something about it. As we all know most websites we surf worldwide, corporate and local are usually riddled with complications and issues which affect you, the end user. These problems range in size from minor to major and the usual suspects are web standards 

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Your website should save you money, make you money and educate your users to a point where you can deliver your pitch whatever it may be.

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