Social Media

The way people do business today is very different from how we did business even five years ago. We don’t just use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find the information we are looking for anymore, we also use social media.

Services like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have become such a wealth of valuable information as well as a great place to find like-minded people.

We are enticed by these networks because they provide a safe place for us to be heard, get information and receive feedback but their true power is that it is all done in the open for everyone to see and it has fast become the ultimate democratic society that big business and industry can never control.

The People Own Social Media

Today’s consumer is quite savvy so yesterday’s marketing materials aren’t going to perform as well as they once did and to effectively use social media as a marketing tool you need to quench the consumers thirst for knowledge without always going for the hard sell.

Consumers know what your products and services are, you don’t have to keep reminding them but what you can do is help them out by providing information on things like tips and industry news.

This type of communication is viewed as unobtrusive and welcome because it is in the interest of the user and as long as the content you are providing is relevant it puts you in the know, keeps you on the user’s radar and it strengthens your base as a professional.

Opinions Matter

We are all influenced by recommendations (usually from family and friends) when it comes to purchasing products, but now we have access to countless unbiased product and service reviews.

The power the consumer has today has never been as strong, for the first time we as consumers have a wealth of opinions from people all over the world telling us what they truly think about a product instead of having to depend on a newspapers, magazines, TV shows or the actors that get paid to sell the products.

Social media isn’t going anywhere and is here to stay so why ignore it? If your competitors aren’t using it right now it is only a matter of time before they do.

Make Social Media Easy

Social media isn’t for everyone and don’t let somebody tell you it is. It takes a financial commitment if you have to hire somebody to publish content for you or you have to commit some of your own time to publishing your own content. Either way if you are not willing to make the commitment there is really no point of even trying.

Digital Deceptions offers a few different Social Media services:

  • we can help you choose which Social Media networks would suit you best
  • teach Social Media etiquette, do’s and don’ts
  • brand your social networks to reflect the look of your company
  • integrate your Twitter account into your website
  • have your website updates post to your Facbook and Twitter accounts

If you have any questions or are interested in a quote give us a call at (289) 275-8470 or get in touch to set up an appointment. It doesn’t cost anything and there is no obligation on your part at all.

Things to know before hiring a Web Designer

Your website should save you money, make you money and educate your users to a point where you can deliver your pitch whatever it may be.

Integrate Social Media into your Lifestyle

Why follow traditional routes to grow your business, the world has changed and so has the behavior of the consumer.

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