• Imperial Oil CD Rom

    Imperial Oil is by far the largest company I have done work for up to this point in my career. I was hired to produce a CD Rom presentation and they created all the packaging and print collateral. The client wanted a presentation that was clean professional and exciting; they were bored with the old PowerPoint jobs and needed something more so Flash was the only way to go. The project 

  • Hatch House Montessori

    This is a logo I created for Hatch House Montessori School; they have such a unique building that it just had to be incorporated into their logo. The reference photos were not the best to work with but I was more interested in getting the exact amount and placement of the buildings turrets as well as the accents around the windows to make it look real authentic. In the end I think I 

  • Hawg Handlers

    I love these jobs, getting paid to draw. This is what I eventually would like to end up doing towards retirement…lol, no more school or upgrading and no worrying about your code being compliant or what it looks like on other peoples computers. This is a packaging label that I illustrated for Hawg Handlers which is a fishing bait product. The client’s vision was a hog holding 

  • Meadowvale print work

    This is some print work I did from way back in early mid 2001 when I was just about to finish college feeling like a caged animal and wanting to go out in the world and use all I had learnt in school the last two years. This work was for a band called Meadowvale and it was a massive first project because they needed everything from a logo to a website and everything in between and on 

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