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Today was a really busy day, actually I have been very busy for the last few weeks and have had to turn off the notifications in Facebook and Twitter for a few days because like most I have a slight social media addiction. The wealth of great information I get daily from the caliber of people I friend and follow on these social networks can easily take up a lot of valuable time that I eventually have to make up at a later date.

We All Use Social Media in Different Ways

The time I spend is in no way squandered, as a matter of fact it is of great value to me because the quality networks I have built filter out a lot of crap and help get me to pertinent content I am very interested in and able to take advantage of.

Since I was a good boy today and got a lot of work finished I decided to jumped on Twitter for a bit before I headed for lunch (at 4:30 PM) and I happened to come across a tweet about the new Rogers Next is Now video on YouTube which I had no prior knowledge of due to my self-appointed denial of services and I decided to check it out.

Man Was I Blown Away With What I Saw

The video starts off with a time lapse sequence of the night’s sky and has a catchy little tune by Young Galaxy, a band I have never heard of but have bookmarked them so I can check them out later. The next thing on the video is the words “Next is Now”, so far so good it has my full attention and then it starts show all sorts of really amazing social media, mobile and internet stats.

As the movie went on I was wanting more and more, it was very well done and the first thing I thought to myself was how perfect it was to show some of my clients how important a role all this technology was going to be in helping them promote their products and services.

The BIG Picture

Most of my clients are small to medium sized companies and by implementing these tools now while most of their competitors do not have a social media strategy allows them to reap the benefits of being a fish in the pond before the sea of plenty. These next generations coming up don’t subscribe to TV and print ads like my contemporaries, Next is Now.


The video was produced by 76design and Thornley Fallis Communications who was a sponsor at WordCamp Toronto 2010 which I presented at (shamless) and it was produced using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 which I found out at Dave Fleet’s website who happens to be the head of the social media practice at Thornley Fallis Communications.

90% of the Time  I Collect Statistics

The last few years I have made it part of my routine to record interesting social media statistics and web analytics to use in presentations and to my advantage where I can. I have taken the time to type out all the stats on the Next is Now video and I am posting them for anyone who is interested. Below the statistics you will also find the sources of the stats as published in the official YouTube video by RogerCommsinc

Rogers Next is Now Stats

  • We create more information every 2 days than in the history of the planet before 2004
  • It would take 28 years without sleeping to watch the video uploaded to YouTube this week
  • There are more Canadians on Facebook than people living in New Zealand, Ireland and Norway combined
  • At Facebook’s current growth rate it will exceed the world’s population by 2014
  • 10 years ago it took 72 hours to download the Godfather today it takes 10 minutes, It still takes 3 hours to watch
  • Snail mail takes days
  • Text messages take seconds
  • Delivery of words on paper will seem as strange to our children as milk delivery does to us
  • Canadians sent 174 million texts in 2002, now we send almost as many ach day
  • For the first time in history Canadians surf the web more than watch TV
  • Today 12,000 books fit onto 8 Kindles, an entire library in your backpack
  • There are now 2000,000 apps for smartphones, including apps to find a soulmate
  • 1910: mass media spreads news faster than word of mouth, 2010: word of mouth spreads news faster than mass media
  • Teens multi task enough to squeeze 21 hours into 24, watch more video online than on DVDs and don’t know a world without the internet
  • By 2017, there will be 7 trillion connected devices, 1000 for each person alive
  • While you watched this video 150,000 messages were sent on Twitter, 15 million text messages were sent, 300 million email messages were sent, Ashton Hutcher gained 6 new followers on Twitter and 5 cats did something really cute on YouTube


Facts in Next is Now are calculated based on data from the following sources:
[0:10] Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Information Week
[0:18] 24 hours of video uploaded per minute, The Official YouTube Blog
[0:25] Facebakers, Facebook Statistics Canada
[0:32] Normalized, averaged Facebook growth (Facebook Press Room milestones)
[0:49] iTunes download of The Godfather vs 56kbps
[0:55] Speeds of 50mbps and up in Canada
[1:16] Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
[1:21] Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
[1:29] Ipsos Reid Interactive Group
[1:39] Amazon Kindle capacity
[1:43] Bedford Public Library collection: nearly 12,000 books
[1:52] Android: Androlib / iPhone: Apple
[1:55] iPhone App
[2:32] OTX, 2008 Longitudinal Media Experience Study
[2:36] SRG, Digital Life Canada, November 2009
[2:40] SRG, Digital Life Canada, November 2009
[2:56] AmDocs, The Connected World Vision
[3:16] TweeSpeed
[3:20] 15 million in U.S. alone. CTIA-The Wireless Association, Wireless Industry Survey
[3:24] Symantec, 2000-2009: The Spam Explosion

Think That Was Great?

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  1. Jeremy on Thu, 12th Jan 2012 6:05 pm 

    If you think that is mind blowing, check this out and it’s from 2009.

    Did you know? –

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