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April 16, 2009 by  

The Exact Welding and fabrication project is a full branding and identity package which includes a logo, business cards, pamphlet and a kick ass website by yours truly.

I really wanted to showcase the project as a whole but at the moment I have so many projects on the go in various stages of completion I got desperate and just had to show a little bit of the work I have been doing of late.

The logo is 100% pure vector and was created in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to achieve a deep metallic look with a sense of realism, something you would see on an old classic car from days gone by.

I experimented heavily trying to get the desired effect with the help of a few tutorials I found here and here and in the end I ended up creating my own technique to add to my bag of tricks.

I think the logo turned out great, it looks like it was carved out of metal and polished, I learnt a new trick and the client is very happy. The next thing to expect from this project will be the business cards and brochure/ pamphlet and then on to the website which I am really looking forward to.


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