Compact Refreshment Centre Vending Machine

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Compact Refreshment Centre vending machine in medical office waiting room

The Compact Refreshment Centre is a vending machine that combines packaged snacks and cold bottled or canned drinks, the two best selling types of items you can put into an automated merchandising system and it only requires ⅓ the space of regular sized vending machines.

Gearing Up For The Next 30 Years

Looking to the future, the Compact Refreshment Centre has gone to great lengths to ensure the continued success and longevity of the company.  They have recently expanded their head office facility in Toronto, hired new staff and commissioned Digital Deceptions to update their look and develop an online strategy.

We started off with the logo, modernizing the feel while  being sympathetic to company tradition by keeping the same colour palette as well as a few other design elements.

We then redesigned their existing print marketing materials, this consisted of updating all pop, chips and bagged snacks to their current packaging within all Compact Refreshment Centre vending machines . We also added more diversity to accurately resemble current area operators.

Once the new branding and marketing graphics were finalized we created a website utilizing design elements from the actual Compact Refreshment Centre vending machine itself, the top of the machine is the webpage header and the footer is the bottom of the vending machine.

The website is using WordPress as a content management system to easily publish things like news about the Compact Refreshment Centre program or vending industry stats keeping area operators up to date with current information.

The Compact Refreshment Centre Gets Social

The Compact Refreshment Centre is now also using social media as a tool to help communicate better with area operators and can be found on facebook, twitter and Google+

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