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November 3, 2010 by  

Digital Deceptions was commissioned by the City of Oshawa in cooperation with Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Durham Region and Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities to design and create a poster to help publicize a climate change event that all the aforementioned organizations are involved with.

Free Event

The event is called “Climate Changes: Opportunities and Impacts” and features presentations by:

Bob Willard – Author of the Sustainability Advantage books
“The Sustainability Advantage: How to Prosper in Changing Times”

Dr. Peter Berg – Professor of Physics, UOIT
“Navigating through resource depletion towards sustainability”

Q & A session following presentations

Location and Details

This free event will take place on Wednesday, November 17th, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the McLaughlin Library Auditorium in Oshawa.

Climate Changes: Opportunities and Impacts

Wed, Nov17th,
from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

McLaughlin Library Auditorium
65 Bagot Street

Poster Brief

Target audience includes municipal councils and staff, UOIT and Durham College students, high school students across Durham Region and the general public.

The poster would have to be edgy and eye-catching and I was supplied with a stock image of a hand holding a burning earth.

Poster Style

The poster was completely composed in vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator, when creating illustrations with this type of subject matter it is very easy to get caught up in all the doom and gloom so to make it more interesting I thought it should have a much more appealing colour palette instead of opting for the typical dark apocalyptic tones typically used.

I chose the majority of the colour palette from the globe and the flames. Earth is commonly portrayed using both blue and green so I use a combination of the both of them to create a deep jungle indigo as my dark base, this colour is also used to shade the globe making it appear to be more spherical and the same colour representing the earth colours combined is used in illustrating the grassy hill.

The brightest red from the flames is used to punch up the main title of the event “Climate Changes”. That red and also the orange from the flames is used in the event date text which helps to draw you eye from the top right through the main illustration and bring you to the title.

The event main content is highlighted using the soft yellow from the flames against the deep jungle indigo I spoke of earlier. Note the balance from the tips of the red flames to the red title and again from the yellow flames to the yellow main content.

To make the background a little more interesting the globe was converted to grayscale, set to 20% opacity, enlarged and centred with the earth globe to mimic some of the detail adding contrast.

Some accents were included, black was used very sparingly to outline the free event on the top right and then on the time at the bottom of that block of text to balance it all out, then again to give the main title some three dimensional depth and on the sub heading. Also added some drips to show the effects of global warming as well as a bit of a shadow from the hand over the letter “M”.

I had a lot of fun creating this poster and thank the City of Oshawa for giving me the opportunity to help make people aware of important issues such as climate change.


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