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CERC is an acronym for the Canadian Educational Resources Council. They are the voice of Canada’s learning resources industry and represent the major Canadian educational publishers.

Their current member firms produce most of the student learning resources currently used in Canadian schools and although they produce learning resources in a variety of media formats they were concerned that the association may be perceived in education circles as an organization whose members are principally focused on print text book production at a time when there is an increased interest in digital learning resources.

What CERC Wanted

CERC wanted to updated their image with a new logo and branding as well as revamp their existing website so it could be used as an effective communication vehicle to easily publish content to project a more accurate and up-to-date image of what the CERC member firms do.

Digital Deceptions teamed up with Lesley Kelz of Squidpress who was the lead on the project and also from Durham Region, Lesley is a graphic designer with a fair amount of design experience in the publishing industry. She was responsible for the logo and branding and my job was the web design and development.

Lesley did a great job on the logo and her choice of colours were dead on. Also I have to say when the logo was finalized she sent me the most detailed and easy to follow brand guide I have ever seen and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I now incorporate a similar type of guide myself.

Work Better in a Team Environment

I had never worked with Lesley prior to this job and I hope we get the chance to team again on future projects, it was really great working with her.

I don’t often get to work on projects with other graphic designers and I definitely like it much better when you have a set of parameters you have to work within rather than having to think, plan and design at every pixel yourself.

It is easy to get creative block, repetitive or even burnt out when wearing so many hats on a project so it nice not to have to think about as much and use the extra brain power to focus solely on your part.

For CERC’s website I used none other than WordPress, they needed an accessible content management system that was flexible, secure and easy to use so WordPress was a no brainer.

The website is accessible and W3C standard compliant. I made a simple clean design because this is going to be a very content driven website and you can’t have the user getting lost within the design. I used the great colour scheme Lesley chose as well as some dark and light greys and some carefully chosen stock photography.

All in all it was a great project and I enjoyed working with Lesly Kelz as well as the team at the Canadian Educational Resource Counsel.

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