• Dimensions Home & Renovations Website

    You know you have been around for a little while when you start getting repeat business. In Early 2005 I created Dimensions Home & Renovations first website and they came back in 2008 to update their look and add a few other new elements to the site. Since they are in the Home building business I thought a wood texture was the way to go which they really liked the idea of. We stayed away from 

  • Unique Auto Tinting Website

    Unique Auto Tinting is the first website I have done in the automotive industry and I have actually been dying to go into that direction ever since first playing Grand Theft Auto III…lol. So the idea behind this one was simple, “what if a tinting shop in GTA had a website?” The client showed me a couple of websites from his local competitors and we took a look at what they did right 

  • Pumpkin Patch Play Centre Website

    When possible I like to go onsite not only to meet a client face to face but to also see where they do business and how I can incorporate what I see around them into their web design. Every now and then you get lucky and get to go places that aren’t just office rooms and cubicles and Pumpkin Patch Play Centre nothing like that. Once again I was very fortunate to work with someone who believed 

  • CFACS Website

    Commercial Finance Auditing & Consulting Services, Inc. (CFACS) is a perfect example of how diverse my clientele can be. First off they are an American business where I usually do work for Canadian companies; they wanted a very clean and corporate almost minimal look which is usually the opposite of what I strive for. It was very difficult not to throw some bells and whistles into this project 

  • Dubé Hair Website

    The Dubé Hair project was another one of those awesome jobs, the owner Donn Dubé put a lot of trust in me and gave me much more creative control than what I am use to so I ran with it. His shop has a really friendly laid back atmosphere to it and I thought we really needed to get that across on his website. You could easily see the staff enjoyed each other’s company because they were always 

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