• Graphics and Web Design in Durham Region

    Well let me digress for a minute as I have to admit that this topic has been eating away at me for quite a few years now and I finally have to say something about it. As we all know most websites we surf worldwide, corporate and local are usually riddled with complications and issues which affect you, the end user. These problems range in size from minor to major and the usual suspects are web standards 

  • Freelance Designer Reality

    Nowadays it seems like anyone with a computer and a copy of “Photoshop” can be a designer and a lot of times that is the case, but just because I can cook up a grilled cheese doesn’t make me a chef, now does it? The design world is a wild unregulated place; the difference in the quality, craftsmanship and price from one designer to the next is proof positive of that. So what has brought 

  • Getting Caught in the Web of Technologies

    Well the redesigned site has been up for a week now and I have been looking through and comparing the old site statistics and have been pretty impressed with the amount of unique visitors and the length of time they have been staying on the Free Lance site. The last five Digital Deceptions sites have either been full Flash sites or hybrids (using both Flash and HTML) which as with most technologies 

  • Offsite Backups on the Cheap

    You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that you could backup most of your documents and even most of your graphics offsite for free would you? Before I tell you how let me explain to you why it is very important to have offsite backups. We all know it is important to make backups for obvious reasons and that is great if you do but what if your house or office was broken into and all your 

  • What a Client Wants vs. What a Client Needs

    The customer is always right mentality has never really sat well with me; I have worked in the customer service industry for many years and found that it is usually the unfair abusive customers who use this phrase to their advantage only to get what they want. Thankfully this doesn’t apply to your average consumer. This kind of thinking is a “Big-box” type of customer service model 

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