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    CERC is an acronym for the Canadian Educational Resources Council. They are the voice of Canada’s learning resources industry and represent the major Canadian educational publishers. Their current member firms produce most of the student learning resources currently used in Canadian schools and although they produce learning resources in a variety of media formats they were concerned that the association 

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    Well I was going through my Google Analytics early this morning as I do weekly and I noticed I was getting a bit of traffic from a certain address. Now it wasn’t really the amount of traffic more like how many different pages (this very website) Digital Deceptions was getting from a particular domain name which does happen from time to time but this was different. I clicked on the link suspecting 

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    Today was a really busy day, actually I have been very busy for the last few weeks and have had to turn off the notifications in Facebook and Twitter for a few days because like most I have a slight social media addiction. The wealth of great information I get daily from the caliber of people I friend and follow on these social networks can easily take up a lot of valuable time that I eventually have 

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